About us

The ALTAIR Robotics Laboratory was founded in 2000, concurrently with the establishment of the courses in Automatic Control and Robotics in the Computer Science Department of the University of Verona. The aim of this laboratory is to lead research and development on non-conventional robotic systems that can interact with the surrounding environment in multiple ways, from teleoperation to autonomous behaviours. Of particular interest to us are the areas of: robotic surgery, human-robot interaction, elderly and disabled care, service robotics, search and rescue robotics.



Ph.D Students

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Researchers at ALTAIR Lab work on topics related to: Robotics, Control Theory,Teleoperation&Haptics , System Identification, Imaging & Vision, Modelling & Simulation. In particular, these disciplines are applied to:


From 2015 all our publications are listed in the IRIS catalogue of the University of Verona.

There is a page at mendeley where we list our publications up to 2014.


Verona, VR

Phone: +39 045 8027074